Registration of Interest (RoI) for Road & Bridge Projects on PPP model

Providing e-proc trg for Class 1 contracts

Notfn - withdrawing notfn No PWD 130 PPM 2003 reg quartres

Notfn reg transfer of K K Jainapur, AEE

Notfn reg deputing Dr.Masood Sheriff as JS (Tech)

Notfn reg extention of deputation to AEs

Notfn reg M N Shirakol AEE's transfer to Co-oprn dept.

Notification - fixing boundary line etc as per KH Act

Providing e-proc trg for Class 1 contracts

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Recruitment of Legal Persons/Officers under K.T.P.P act 1999
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Tenders & Tender Notifications.
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