Sl.No Document Description Date File Name
1 Karnataka Transperency in Public procurements (Amendment) Rules 2019 07/09/2019 FD274(A)EXP122019
Mandating The Standard Tender Documents

GO Continuation of Traffic Cell in CEs office

GO- estabishment of MTFP Cell

GO establishment of IDS cell

GO establishment of KSHA

GO I reg proc of goods and eqp-use of std tender doc

GO II reg proc of goods and eqp-use of std tender doc

GO III reg hiring of consultancy Servs - use of std request for proposals

GO- KSHIP Constitution of core team for ISO 9001-2000

GO payment to KRDCL's loan

GO reg admn approval for SH maintenance

GO reg allotment of office accomodation

GO reg apntmnt of addl members to KSHTTA

GO reg appointing Highway Authority for SH & MDR

GO reg constitution of Dist level Redressal Greivances Cell

GO reg constn of comt for land acquisition for road projects

GO reg constn of steering group to steer the study reg private sector dvtp & participation

GO reg creation of CIO post to IT Cell under IDS plan

GO reg creation of fresh techl & nontechl posts in PWD

GO reg delegation of powers of the Commr to CE, C&B S

GO reg Dr.H N Krishna Infmn Commr's quartres

GO reg formation of Dist Level Committe to coordinate KRDCL

GO reg guidelines for CMs G R A N

GO reg imprvmnt of blackspots under WB project

GO reg incidental charges to members of PMRC Bid document committee

GO reg KSHIP - constituion of steering committee

GO reg KSHIP - implmntion of IDS recommendations

GO reg KSHIP - project governing board

GO reg reconstitution of New Mlr Port Trust - High lvl devpt comt

GO reg relaxation extended to graduate contractors

GO reg releasing funds to KRDCL

GO reg Road Development Policy

GO reg setting up KRDCL

GO reg transfers

GO reg WB assistance for Devpt of St Roads

GO Releasing grants to KRDCL for SH Maintenance

GO Review Committee for KSHIP II

GO SOS for next phase of road improvement

Policy on Road Development

Renaming of KSHA as KSHTTA

Inclsn of Invitees as members of KSHTAA

Estd of K S H A - appt of members fm Pvt Sector

Constn of a committee to carryout SOS for KSHIP-2

Constn of comtee for preparation of bid doc for compltd rds of KRDCL & KSHIP (modified GO)

Constn of steering grp for consul servs for ISO mgt sys

Tenders & Tender Notifications.
PƣAizV EAPjz AP : 27-ಅಗಸ್ಟ್-2019  
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