Phase I Phase II Phase II Extension Phase III
  1. Started in 1990 at Zonal offices
  2. PCs used for Design and Drawing
  3. PCs used for Database applications in a limited way in DOS mode
  4. Systematic approach of computerization planned in 1997

  1. To establish computer network in PWD
  2. Computerization of Zonal and Circle offices
  3. To constitute and train a Core Group for implementation
  4. Exposure to senior level decision makers
  1. Providing H/w and S/w to the offices of Minister, Secretary, Zones and Circles
  2. Identification of core group of engineers and providing elaborate training to them
  3. Establishing LAN in Secretariat
  4. E-mail based on dial-up networking
  1. H/w and S/w provided as planned
  2. Core group of engineers identified and trained
  3. LAN established at Secretariat
  4. E-mail through dial-up networking established (partially successful due to limitations of the communication system)

  1. Strengthening and updating the IT infrastructure at Secretariat and Zonal offices
  2. Development of customized software
  3. Advanced training in software
  4. Identification of software for GIS, Estimation
  5. Pilot project for checking suitability of identified software
  1. Provide advanced h/w and s/w to Secretariat and Zonal offices
  2. Establish LAN in Zonal offices
  3. Advanced training for selected persons
  4. Develop customized software with the help of training institutes
  5. Identify, evaluate and test the available software for suitability
  1. H/w & s/w provided as planned
  2. LAN established at Zonal offices
  3. Training provided in NISA, AutoCAD, GIS
  4. Software developed by trainees for Personnel Information & Stores Management
  5. Estimation software partly customized
  6. Bentleys Microstation identified for GIS

  1. Extension of computerization to Division level
  2. Establishing e-mail network via internet
  3. Exposure to computers and training of staff
  4. Implementation of Road Information System using GIS
  5. Full customization and implementation of Estimation software
  1. H/w and s/w delivered as planned
  2. Estimation, Rate Analysis & Tender Evaluation software fully customized
  3. Spatial and non-spatial data computerized
  4. GIS based Road Information System developed
  5. Establishing Internet connectivity in progress
  6. Basic computer training for 800 engineers and ministerial staff up to taluk level will be completed by end of Feb 2001

  1. SMART governance (Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent)
  2. Identify functional areas accessible to e-governance
  3. Initiate and develop data warehouses
  4. Launch and ensure effective participation of existing staff in e-governance by training
  5. Develop an effective interface for seamless transfer of information between departments
  6. Establish a Central mechanism for IT operations
  7. Adopt GIS as the core database
  8. Establish an efficient (e)-library
  9. Establish on-line query replying system in legislature
  10. Create a Citizen Interface to deliver information and facilitate citizen’s participation as watchdogs
Operational Strategy
  1. Creation of Nodal Office IT CELL
  2. Additions, modifications to the existing administrative procedures, processes & regulations by suitable cyber laws
  3. Understand & identify the system parameters & generate Work flow model
  4. Data warehousing with updating
  5. Networking and dissemination of information
  6. Developing Decision Support Systems
  7. Initiate and develop pilot projects in applications which are in nascent stage
  8. Integrate suitable models in e-governance of other departments
  9. Integrate Quality control processes at professional levels into databases
  1. Hardware & Software Provided to all the PWD upto sub-division level.
  2. Hardware & Software in zonal level & divisional level upgraded
  3. GIS based RIS extended by incorporating road condition survey details
  4. GIS based RIS expanded to Circles as-well-as Divisional Offices
  5. About 50 Engineers from Circle Office and about 200 engineers from Divisional office Trained o RIS & GIS
  6. Estimation software is revised to incorporate new SCR (Schedule Of Rates) based on Radha Krishna Committee Report.
Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Recruitment of Legal Persons/Officers under K.T.P.P act 1999
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Tenders & Tender Notifications.
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