Maintenance of IBs of the department

Cir reg approval to works contracts

Cir reg flood relief works - delgn of powers

Cir reg maintenance of PWD roads

Cir reg maintenance of structures by PWD

Cir reg pblshng in website the pending proposals in Central Govt

cir reg preparedness for ensuing monsoon 2006

Cir reg preventing wrong usage of SH by Agriculturists

Cir reg removing road humps

Cir reg usage of CRMB-55 in road works

Circular - Liasion of PWD officers with KRDCL for maintenance of SH

Circular and Notification reg renomination of PWD as PW, P and IWT

Circular handing over KSHIP roads to PWD divisions

Circular reg entries to be made in contractors pass book

Circular reg furnishing all GOs to IT Cell

Circular reg guidelines for upgradation of ODRs & VRs to MDR

Circular reg use of imported bitumen in the road works

Circular reg using of unused alingment for parking of trucks

guidelines for repairing of roads

Tenders & Tender Notifications.
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