Principal Laws and enactments enforced in Ports Department are as follows:
1 Indian Ports Act 1908
2 Karnataka Harbour Crafts Rules , 1963
3 Karnataka Ports (Landing and Shipping Fees) Act, 1961 and Rules framed there under.
4 Merchant Shipping Act, 1958 (certain sections only)
5 The Indian Merchant Shipping (Fire Fighting Appliances) Rules, 1956.
6 The Indian Merchant Shipping (Life saving appliances) Rules, 1956.
7 The Merchant Shipping (Registration of Sailing Vessels) Rules, 1960
8 The Merchant Shipping (Tonnage Measurement of Sailing Vessels) Rules, 1960.
9 The Sailing vessels (Inspection) Rules, 1960.
10 The Sailing vessels (Assignment of Free Board) Rules, 1960.
11 The Sailing Vessels (Statement of crew) Rules, 1960.
12 The Merchant Shipping (Prevention of collision at Sea) Regulations 1975.
13 The Merchant Shipping (Indian Fishing Boats Inspection) Rules, 1988.
14 The Merchant shipping (Registration of Indian Fishing Boats) Rules, 1988.
15 The Merchant Shipping (Tonnage measurement of ships) Rules 1987 and Amendments 1992.
16 Bombay Ferries Act, 1968 and the Rules there under.
17 Hyderabad Ferries Act Fasli 1314 and Rules there under.
18 Madras Canals and Public Ferries Act, 1890 and Rules there under.
19 North Indian Ferries Act, 1878 and Rules there under.
20 The Inland vessel Act 1917 has been extended to whole of Karnataka State vide Govt. Notification No.03 PGL 2001 dt:24.01.2003

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Recruitment of Legal Persons/Officers under K.T.P.P act 1999
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Tenders & Tender Notifications.
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